Where I’m at?

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I already have a provisional patent, and applied for the utility patent.

I’m close to mass production. The scheme that you been seen on a picture aboveis a CD prototype which should be optimized for mass production, by programmer.

In my 18th rehearsal of ES I achieved flawless searching results. I have created a scheme that provides more intuitive and more forceful browsing.

But, I’m not stopping here. I already have a list of changes to make to further improve the ES. I’m coming up with FINAL version of the ES by rearranging all sections names by alphabet, fixing a couple of “bugs” and adding the new features.

As you read this I’m working on preparing, i.e. fill in with data, the CDS for some of “Sections”.

I need your help to get this off the ground!

I have been hard at working on design of the CD prototype scheme and web applications (KAMERTON). From an engineering standpoint the risk is low. The key to making the ES convertible to the e-environment to let the many embrace “the pretty” of ES, is the web programming, which is the major obstacle (for me). My goal is to make all prospective users be joyful by browsing the e-application. By doing this “concealed” engineering I’m trying to create a friendly, intuitive environment for them. Thus I’m looking for a professional programmer who can realize the full potential of the “Esperanto-System” and incorporate it into the working web site. I have a solid software development plan and I’m confident that with web designer we will deliver a top quality application. I will work closely with him to meet these stringent goals.



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