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Risks and challenges

This is a complex software project with unforeseen development challenges inevitably to take place. The biggest risk with a project like this is delivering it on time. To address this challenge, I’m setting monthly milestones and make sure that “my team” hit them.

The programming is not all that challenging, this level of development is simply beyond my current skill set. I am an individual, not a corporate entity with a staff of industry experts at my disposal. One must know what one is capable of and what one is not capable of. With some amount of funding, and some amount of time, I am capable of advancing this project to initial testing. From that point, I must establish relationships with associates more skilled than myself.

First off, keeping in mind technicalities do exist from time to time, problems do happen. My biggest hurdle is to reach a wide audience, and competing with existing systems.

Secondly, I’ll not release a product that doesn’t meet the highest standards, so I’ll run durability tests on every single aspect of ES until its ready. This too, takes time.

Last but not least, I want you to know this: what I value the most is relationship with you, my supporters. As a result, you have my word that I will remain completely transparent and keep you in the loop every step of the way. I won’t leave you hanging. I want to you be included in the process at every turn, as I continue to develop and deliver the ES/SHCS to you.

If something doesn’t properly, it has to be analyzed, fixed, improved, succeeded, and moves forward.
Overall, I think the odds of this Kickstarter becoming a success are quite better than the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field.

Thank you for backing my project!


Dmitriy Litvak,

Creator “Esperanto-System”

President ISES, Inc.

Founder “GHCS” and “Brotherhood of Collectors”

New York, 2015