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KAMERTON (K) is the tool for setting the harmony while navigating the online application

Literary from Russian the KAMERTON meant – the TUNING FORK.


The K consists ofthreemainparts (“musicaltones”):

  • THE GALLERY – place where graphic information about the subject of collecting with the relevant UIN (The Universal INdexes);
  • THE SOCIAL NETWORK for collectors- place where communion collectors for their interests;
  • THE ENCYCLOPEDIA – place where collected various technical information about the subject of collecting;

While such parts, like music tones in accord, can be more or less, depending on the specific build of online application – we will rely only on these three major parts, wherecatalogue information is a most important part.

To date, according to the philosophy of building the online application, each of these parts is configured separately.

For each of them were created separate scripts and then,with painstaking effortsof the web master all going into production using numerous links.

And when, for whatever reasons, you need to replace or update one of these parts, the main task is to update all these links.

In contrary to the above method the Kis the only template managing all the parts. It does not require technical support or updates.  Ran it once and you will forget about it forever.  The K automatically configures all online applications, in accord. inwhich, all of them sound in unison.

I want to point out one important detail.  The K. cannot be applied to other online applications that aren’t built on the principles of “Esperanto-System”. At first they must to install the ICONS.


Here is a block diagram of the K., where depending on the task it may take 3 to 5 mouse clicks to achieve the desired result.

As a new generation of the software for on-line applications for collectors the KAMERTONprovides a much more simple and reliable way to find and work with information, using the most intuitive and user-friendly interface, available today.