What is the UIN ?

What is the UIN ?

The Universal Indexes Notebook (UIN) provides comprehensive information for use in communication between users and “e-workplace” management. Fellow collectors use the UIN as sources of information about collectible items.

Information in a UIN also provides a source of information for other target audiences such as those involved with the professional use and consumers.

The UIN containing of 7 (seven) headings:

    1. Citation from the “MAIN TABLE” pertaining to this item;
    2. “Printers” table;
    3. “TYPE-variations” table;
    4. “Issuing Authority-Currency”  table;
    5. Transferring table;
    6. Additional information (text format);
    7. “Price Advisor” table.

What is the difference between the UIN and existing issues?

Assumed that GHCS UIN’s are in use globally, so it is very useful to have it content prepared in intuit and understandable format in contrary to huge varieties of existing ones.