The Journey

  • 25 February 2005 Concept was made

    The first initial conceptwas made. It was the table with names of the countries anticipated to use.
  • 21 January 2006 Complying with ISO3

    Starting with complying symbols applied to each countries with ISO3, and also matching them with abbreviations accepted on leading web sites in kind.
  • 25 March 2007 Esperanto project

    Launching the “Esperanto project”, and development of model of classification“1D-2D-3D”.
  • 07 June 2009 “TYPES” and “variations”

    The first account of “TYPES” and “variations”.
  • 15 January 2010 Price Advisor

    «Price Advisor» concept was developed. — Changing the concept of "TYPES". The whole English alphabet (26letters) was utilized. — The fundamentally new service for collectors «E-List» concept was developed.
  • 03 April 2011 2-steps system

    Formation of 2-steps system. The first step, is called the “ICONS” (“Individual Collectible item Organizer and Numbering System”), the second received the name “KAMERTON”. Literally, from Russian it means the «tuning fork». My first design of K. was… less than impressive. Sometimes it functioned as it was supposed to and, at other times, it lost some of its magic smoke: The first “scheme” from 2007…
  • January - December 2012 Correction of the cyclic mistake

    The correction of the cyclic mistake impelling the correct work of K. While addressing a simple problem I have created a complicated solution. At that point I threw out the design and started again with a blank canvas. I began again with a simpler, yet more elegant design. — The final version of “TYPES”. — Into description of cataloging numberwas added the new gradation — “Rarity”.
  • January - October 2013 Changing of the general philosophy

    Changing of the general philosophy of construction ES under the slogan: «The Future — Starts Today» — The finalversion of “Variations” table; — Development of the technical scheme for programmers was finished.
  • January - December 2014 Engineering support

    Development of the last stage of “engineering support” of this part of the project. Creation of decipheredfor transferring information from the main table to the e-environmental.This, very laborious work, can take up to 3-5 years… See below the designer’s printscreen: — Creation of comparable with ISO3 universal 3-letters codes “ES3”It consists of universalcodes for SECTIONS and CURRENCIES combined in one place(“ABC” type, on the left), and 4-letters codes “ES4” for ISSUING AUTHORITIES (“ABCD” type, on the right) — After practically of 10 years of a hard workthe FINAL version of the main table. It consists of 350 Sections with full breakdown. (September 2014). See below the partial printout: As I mentioned above, all “variations” pertained to the certain “Issuing Authority” are precisely detailed and made another uniform table. See below: All above-mentioned tables make the uniform module called “Catalog’s Data Sheet” (CDS), thus every entity can be easily searched. You are always two-three clicks away from retrieving thisinformation.
  • January - December 2015 Brotherhood of Collectors

    Coming up with the idea to build the social network for collectors – “Brotherhood of Collectors” (“BC”) .There is an open source application which can be tailored for it by web designer. Also, by combining all benefits of “ES” and “BC”in one environmental field – I’m giving to you “GHCS” — Globally Harmonized Communication System of on-line Classification and Labelling of Collectible Items. My main goal in this venture is to deliver a high quality functional product that will make everyday tasks of collectors and other enterprisers in kind, much easier and more enjoyable. For all these years I was having an active correspondence and discussion with colleagues — collectors regarding ES-GHCS, and received from them literally hundreds remarks and suggestions, some of which considerably changed the philosophy of ES-GHCS and the principles of their work. Among them: Owen Linzmayer (“Banknote Book”); Dmitry Zagorenko (“BANKNOTER”); Harry Saint (“Numismondo”); Kyle Maters (“Compass Collectables”); Corne Akkerman (“Collect WEB”);Ekaterina Sharapova, Natalia Lipai, Alex Adamchuk, Michael Revva;Mahdi Bseiso, Bob Brenar, Joe Bowling, Sev Onishkevich, Boris Degtyar, Louis Antonetti, Vadim Tislenko, Roman Leonov, Dmitry Archipov, Georgiy Sheremetiev, Dmitriy Nevmyvako, Pavel Sobolev and “Gennady” (Germany).



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