The future of GHCS

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With the experience I have gathered, I’m now able to introduce the GHCS at a much friendlier price. Furthermore: the core elements will be practically for free. (Is it $4.99—19.99/year money? J TBD)

Price is what you pay.

Value is what you get.

Warren Buffett

I hope that GHCS will be the gateway for many collectors whom previously have not been try online catalogs. I hope that by introducing ES, everyone gets to experience at least a glimpse of the fun by using it. I really want collectors to experience what I have created for the world. The funding that I’m asking for is for the production of the ESin e-application enhancement, which is a first part of “GHCS” project.

The second part of my project will consists of creation on social network for collectors. Within the social network I’ll provide, but are not limited, unique services, such as: “Price Advisor” and “Deal Advisor”which were created to help fellow collectors to gain most accurate, and unbiased information regarding pricing and Service Providers, in prospective deals with them; “E-ID” (“Instant collectible item identification”); “E-Scan” (The barcode for collectible items, to computerize a process of buying-selling), and “E-Commons” (Prospective joint project with “Wikimedia Commons”).

With the funding I will be investing more into e-development and “data-in” teams.

I’m glad to see that KRAUSE Publishing House is making an effort to standardize their catalogues platform and I ready to work closer to their community to keep ourselves updated. I’m expecting that ES will soon be as common as the SCWPM for most of collectors.



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