Online Catalog

In present days, collectible items are issued not only by countries but also by territories, financial unions, economic zones and private entrepreneurs.

The globally used term “country”, for cataloguing purposes, is now obsolete. (Well, we can’t call the “European Union” as a “country” – it’s the UNION which consists of 20+ states.)

Therefore ES utilizes “Sections”.

As of now there are 350Sections included in on-line catalog.

See below the partial print screen.


To make it easy to navigate through the catalog all Sections, as well as corresponding Regions, are color coded.

The regions are based on “The World Fact Book” region dividers, with addition of one virtual region – “EURASIA”, and combining two territories “Arctic” and “Antarctica” in one item.

Each Regions, as well as Sections, have a certain color, and the unique number which complied with ISO3 for existing at present, and replicated for obsolete.


Also, all Sections were marked up with 3 letters code, which comply with ISO-3:


All segments of these tables, as well as, all following ideas of presenting of information were designed to put maximum visual information and to help customers with navigation and the analysis at more intuitive level.

To make it more intuit and easy to navigate – all existing Sections marked up in capital letter, and obsolete – in low case letter.




What is the UIN ?